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Innovators in Power Engineering

Dynamic Controls Canada Inc. is a Canadian owned controls and automation provider with over 25 years’ experience in the oil/gas and power generation industries.  Dynamic Controls Canada Inc. has a specific focus on combustion turbine controls systems and power generation excitation and control.




About Us

Established in 2006, the company meets the growing demand for comprehensive technical expertise in gas turbine retrofit from concept to final commissioning and has built a solid customer base in the United States, South America and within Europe.  We have a network of engineers who service our worldwide clients.

Our Services

We can provide:

  • Generator excitation systems
  • Full commissioning services
  • Generator and grid protection testing
  • Field instrumentation calibration
  • Complete control system design and development
  • System integration for control and data acquisition 
  • Training services

Our Products

We can supply:

  • RDEX systems for brushless and static excitation
  • P100C-SX Automatic Voltage Regulators
  • Samsara Industrial Gateways
  • VTScada software for monitoring and control
  • TEDOM combined heat and power units
  • Surplus industrial parts and equipment

Let’s work together!