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Gas Turbine Commissioning

Gas turbine

With a solid knowledge of gas turbine control and power generation philosophy, our commissioning teams have gained a stellar reputation in the provision of commissioning support for both retrofitted and OEM control system solutions.

  • Woodward Micronet Plus
  • Emerson Ovation DCS
  • Rockwell Designer 5000


We have over 25 years of experience in the following power generation packages including:  

  • P&W FT 8 Swift Pack 
  • FT4 Gas turbine packages 
  • Solar Turbines 
  • GE LM6000  
  • GE Frame 5/6/7 units 
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We supply technical personnel to advise and supervise both the electrical and instrumentation activity involved in control system retrofits and commissioning turbo-generator packages worldwide. This service is in the form of a start-up team where two levels of expertise define the scope of work.     

Level 1  

We have experienced I/E technicians (Graduate Engineers) with a clear knowledge of power plant control systems and field devices in addition to 10 years of troubleshooting experience. Our technicians can work at an efficient pace and prioritize problems when encountered and defer to the start-up engineer when required. This saves time and allows focus and schedules to be maintained during the commissioning process.   

Level 2  

We have GE start-up engineers with combined experience of 20 years on GE and other OEM power systems. The scope of work includes the defined objective of safe on schedule start-up. With a deep knowledge of the system, an experienced start-up engineer can see potential problems before they manifest into delays, safety issues or technical bottlenecks.    

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