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Our modern redundant RDEX-5 for brushless applications and the RDEX-10 for static excitation applications up to 3000 Amps are now set to become the new standard in redundant excitation for generators across the spectrum.

The P100C-SX Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a fully digital compact excitation system for rotating exciters and small static systems. The AVR can be applied to new and retrofit applications on gas, steam, and hydro turbine driven generators of any type. 

Samsara’s IG Series Industrial Controllers provide a modern platform that combines data collection, control, alerts, and analytics in an easy to deploy and easy to use system – from the plant floor to remote sites.

VTScada provides you with a refreshingly intuitive platform for creating highly-customized industrial monitoring and control applications that end users can trust and use with ease.  Solutions are used in a variety of industries all around the world.

We supply TEDOM CHP units that improve energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower operation and maintenance costs. Solutions can be applied in any structure where heating or cooling is necessary.

We offer surplus parts and equipment for a variety of applications from trusted manufacturers.  Spare parts and equipment we can offer include AVR spares, Mark 5 spares, and servo controller spares.

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