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P100C-SX Automatic Voltage Regulator

The P100C-SX Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a fully digital compact excitation system for rotating exciters and small static systems.

This proven excitation system solution offers enhanced performance, protection, and life extension with increased operating profitability for any generating station.

The AVR can be applied to new and retrofit applications on gas, steam, and hydro turbine driven generators of any type worldwide. 

P100C-SX automatic voltage regulator

Technical Specifications

Voltage Measuring: 

Three-Phase 100/120V & 50/60Hz, on request 400V or 690V  

Current Measuring:

Single-Phase or 3 phase 1A and 5A 

Binary IO: 

14 programmable binary inputs  

8 programmable binary outputs.  

With extension board: 

Up to 46 programmable binary inputs Up to 24 programmable binary outputs. 

Control Voltage: 

24, 48, 110, 125, 220VDC 

Supply Voltage: 

DC battery in ranges: 

19VDC to 35VDC 

36VDC to 60VDC 

105VDC to 320VDC 

AC  source  by  adapting  transformer  50VA from   excitation   voltage,   or   auxiliary AC voltage. 

Output  Current:

Up to 50A for continuous current and 100A/10seconds in 50°C ambient temperature. 

For external  thyristor  rectifiers  current  is  up to 1000A current in 50°C ambient temperature. 


Ethernet,  RS-232,  9  pin used to communicate with local computer, 2 x    RS485 used to communication with SCADA and local data panel 

Regulation Accuracy: 

AVR Mode: Voltage regulation equals +/- 2.5% over the load range at rated power factor and constant generator frequency. Steady state stability equals +/- 0.1 % at a constant load and generator frequency. Oversaturation (volts/hertz) characteristic slope from 0 to 3.0 P.U increments. 

FCR Mode: 

Field current regulation equals +/- 1.0% of the nominal value for 10% of the bridge input voltage change or 20% of the field resistance change. 

PF Mode:

+/- 0.02 PF in the set point PF for the real power between 1 to 100% at the rated frequency. 

VAR Mode:

+/- 0.002 VAR in the set point VAR for the reactive power between -100% to 100%. Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C

Power Amplifier:

Output continuously current 50A for compact IGBT and thyristors design. Up to 1000A with external thyristor rectifier. 

The Institute of Power Engineering (IEN) P100C-SX Features and Functionalities

Built-In Oscilloscope:

  • 100ms registrations
  • Up to four channels visible at once
  • Selection from over 40 different internal signals measurements
  • Previous plotted chart memory for fast chart comparison
  • Cursors
  • Automatic triggering

Built-In Recorder:

  • Sampling up to 10μs
  • Up to twelve channels registered at once
  • Selection from over 40 different internal signals measurements
  • Four data slots for previous registrations memory
  • Automatic triggering

Built-In long term data registration:

  • 100ms data registration
  • Long term timespan for saved data (years)

Protective Functions & Limiters

Automatic Regulation X
Manual Regulation X
Field Current Regulation X
Voltage Matching Function X
Voltage Regulation X
Power Factor Regulation (Machine & Network) X
Reactive Power Regulation (Machine & Network) X
Volts/Hertz Limiter X
Over Voltage X
Minimum Field Current X
Overcurrent X
Loss of Field X
Field Overcurrent X
Power System Stabilizer X
Minimal Field Current Limiter X
Field Current Limiter with Temperature Compensation X
Stator Current Limiter with Temperature Compensation X
Feedback Loss X
Bump less Transfer X
Crowbar Protection X
Reverse Power X
Under Voltage X
Field Overvoltage X
Rotating Diode X
Loss of Voltage X
Loss of Synch Voltage X
Loss of Sensing Voltage X
Loss of Measuring Voltage X
Loss of Thyristor Firing Pulses X
Loss of Thyristor Conductance X
Field Flash Time Limit X
Under-Excitation Limiter X
Over Frequency X
Under Frequency X
Built in Oscilloscope & Data Recorder X

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