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Parts and Equipment

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For product details and quotations:
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Part No. Description
9310300100 Basler DECS 300 – Digital Excitation Control System
Part No. Description
3500/05-01-01-00-00-00 Bently Nevada 3500 Chassis
3500/05-02-01-00-00-01 Bently Nevada 3500 Chassis
3500/40M 3500/40M Proximitor Card
3500/42M 3500/42M Proximitor/Seismic Monitor Card
3500/20 3500/20 Rack Interface Module
3500/15 3500/15 AC Power Supply
3500/25 3500/25 Keyphasor Module
3500/53 Overspeed Detection IO module
128229-01 Prox/Seismic I/o module
125680-01 Proximitor I/o module
125768-01 Rack Interface I/o module
125840-02 Power supply module
330750-60 HTVS
Part No. Description
5501-466 Woodward Micronet – power supply
5453-278, 5501-423 Woodward Micronet BackPlane PCB
5466-316 Woodward 5466-316 Analog Combo Module. Rev D
5466-258 Woodward 5466-258 Module – Simplex Discrete I/O Rev. F
5501-428 Woodward 5501-428 2c Act Controller Module Rev D
5464-332 Woodward 5466-332 ISO T/C Analog In. Rev G
5466-409 Woodward 5466-409 CPU Processor Module
Part No. Manufacturer Description
1492-SPM1C010 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 1A, 1P, Supplementary, Trip C
1492-SPM1C100 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 10A, 1P, Supplementary, Trip C
1492-SPM1C200 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 20A, 1P, Supplementary, Trip C with Auxiliary contact 189-AR11
1492-SPM2C010 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 1A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip C
1492-SPM2C011 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 1A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip C with Auxiliary contact 189-AR11
1492-SPM2C100 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 10A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip C
1492-SPM2C100/189-AR11 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 10A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip C with Auxiliary contact 189-AR11
1492-SPM2C050 Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 5A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip C
700-HK32Z24-3-4 Allen-Bradley Relay, Ice Cube, Slim Line, 8-Blade, 2PDT, 8A, 24VDC, w/Options
700-HN222 Allen-Bradley Relay base 700-HN222, 24VDC DPDT
1492-H6 Allen-Bradley Fuse terminal block
1492-WFB424 Allen-Bradley Fuse terminal block, 10-57 AC/DC, 15 A, With Indication
1492-EAJ35 Allen-Bradley End bracket, 35 mm, Din Rail
1492-J4 Allen-Bradley Terminal block
1492-J6 Allen-Bradley Terminal block
1492-JDG3FB Allen-Bradley Fuse terminal block
1492-EBJD3FB Allen-Bradley End Barrier
1492-JD04 Allen-Bradley Double terminal block
96.72 Finder Finder Relay Socket Finder Finder Ind. Plug-In Relay, DPDT 12A, 125V DC coil, AgNi contact, lockable test button, LED & diode. Country of Origin: ITALY
C7-X10FX Releco  Miniature plug in relay 24V DC Polarity & free wheeling diode LED 1PNO double make for high DC Load 10A – INDENT LINEC7-X10FX/DC24V
1004348 Phoenix Contact Terminal strip marker


We hold a stock of equipment parts, both surplus and used from manufactures including Allen Bradley, Bentley Nevada, Woodward Inc. and Basler Electric. All warranties, if applicable, are with Dynamic Controls and not the manufacturer. Dynamic Controls is not an authorized distributor for the listed manufacturer and makes no representation as to any quality control performed by the manufacturer.

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