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RDEX Systems


Our modern redundant RDEX-5 for brushless applications and the RDEX-10 for static excitation applications up to 3000 Amps are now set to become the new standard in redundant excitation for generators across the spectrum.

RDEX Scope – The function of a generator excitation system is to supply field current to satisfy the synchronous machine’s excitation requirements for both off-line and on-line conditions.  The excitation controls the field current using selected control loops and limiter functions to maintain synchronous machine operation within the capability curve detailed by the OEM.

RDEX Variances

RDEX-2 (Optional) RDEX-5 RDEX-10
Ifn– Maximum Continuous Excitation Current 50 Adc 50 Adc 3000 Adc
IfmaxMaximum Excitation Ceiling Current for 10s 100 Adc 100 Adc 4000 Adc
UnmaxMaximum Supply Voltage 400 Vac or PMG 400 Vac or PMG 230 Vac
UfmaxMaximum Continuous Excitation Voltage 330 Vdc 330 Vdc 300 Vdc
UinsDielectric Isolation Voltage of Power Circuit 2000 Vac 2000 Vac 2000 Vac
Uins-pulseDielectric Isolation Voltage of Firing Pulse Circuit 500 Vac 500 Vac 500 Vac
 RDEX-2 (Optional)RDEX-5RDEX-10
Ifn50 Adc50 Adc3000 Adc
Ifmax100 Adc100 Adc4000 Adc
Unmax 400 Vac or PMG400 Vac or PMG230 Vac
Ufmax330 Vdc330 Vdc300 Vdc
Uins2000 Vac2000 Vac2000 Vac
Uins-pulse500 Vac500 Vac500 Vac

RDEX-5 Features and Benefits

  • Redundant DSP processors with 20µs sample time
  • Internal power module supplying up to 50A
  • Powerful ARM-based communication module
  • Four control modes (Ug, If, VAR, PF) with auto-tracking
  • Five limiters (MFCL, V/Hz, PQL, FCL, SCL) and PSS
  • Built in protection functions
  • Data logging at 1ms and 50ms sampling rates
  • Programmable I/O digital and analog
  • Configuration for redundant operation
  • AVR/FCR selection
  • Ethernet /RS232/485/USB connectivity
RDEX-5 single-line diagram
RDEX-10 single-line diagram

RDEX-10 Features and Benefits

  • Redundant Controllers
  • Redundant SCR Bridge
  • Supplied with up to 230Vac Power Supply
  • Upwards of 330Vdc Field Breaker
  • Crowbar – DC Over Voltage Protection and Discharge
  • Rotor Ground Fault Detection
  • Field Flashing Circuit
  • Generator Breaker (52G) Control and Tripping
  • Auto Sync and Sync Check Relays Integration
  • Remote Communication Ability
  • HMI with:
    • AVR Configuration and Control
    • Generator Parameters
    • Sync and Sync-Check Status
    • Generator and Engine Performance Mapping
    • Synchronization Timing Oscillograph and Quality Data
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) features:
    • Auto/Manual Control Mode
    • VAR/PF Control Mode
    • Power System Stabilizer (PSS)
    • Over Excitation Limiter (OEL)
    • Under Excitation Limiter (UEL)
    • Volt / Hertz Limiter (VHZL)
    • Reactive Compensation
    • Ethernet Modbus remote communication
    • IRIG-B Time Sync
    • Generator Simulation Software

Auto Synchronization and Sync Check

The RDEX-5 and RDEX-10 are equipped with both Auto-sync and Sync-check modules that control the generator breaker during normal synchronization and black start conditions. In addition, this synchronization data is fed into the AVR HMI making available historical data in the event of problems associated with synchronization.

RDEX auto sync cables

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